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Colégio de S. Tomás was born with the strong conviction that excellence in education should be accessible to everyone. For this, we count on your support.

We would like to thank all of our stakeholders – benefactors, companies and private individuals, parents, grandparents, friends, alumni, volunteers, staff and students! You help us to build a school where the well-being of each one will become the well-being of the people.

Colégio de São Tomás was created with a strong conviction that an excellence in education should be accessible to everyone and that the interaction among students who come from different backgrounds is a benefit for all. For these reasons, we count on your support. We want…

Promote the maintenance of facilities adapted for students with disabilities

Every year we help around 160 students – 11% of our students – from deprived families, large families or those with special educational needs, thanks to donations from individuals and companies. If you would like to support us in this mission for excellence and inclusion, you can contribute via:

To get your donation receipt, please send proof of transfer by email including your name, address and tax number to

Thank you for your support!
We believe that this mission is important to you too.

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Help us integrate Scholarship Students

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Note: As we are an IPSS (non-profit organisation), donations are tax deductible by "25%" in your Income Tax. In the case of companies, donations may be deductible at 130% or 140% of their respective value.

IRS: Tax Consignment

You can donate 0.5% of your Income Tax (IRS) to Colégio de S. Tomás by adding the APECEF tax number (505 230 658) in the “Instituições Particulares de Solidariedade Social ou Pessoas Colectivas de Utilidade Pública” field.

Note: This amount is taken out of the total that the State charges and not from your tax rebate.

Social Diversity


The social diversity we want to be a constant part of life at Colégio de S. Tomás allows us to educate students on diversity and openness, helping them to grow with a strong social conscience, true friendship and a sense of self, but also provides excellence in teaching for many children and young people who, without the help of all our benefactors, would not be able to have this opportunity.

In this sense, the many partnerships we have with large and medium-sized businesses and small donors help us to allow these students to continue their studies.

Thank you for helping us educate the next generation!