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About Us

Colégio de S. Tomás (CST) is a Catholic school founded in 2003 by the Association for Education, Training and Culture (APECEF).

The School has two campuses: one in Quinta das Conchas (from Pre-school to Secondary) and another in Sete Rios (Pre-school and Elementary school). It is made up of an educational community of more than 1,600 people, including founders, directors, teachers, non-teaching employees, parents, and, of course, students.

This is our differentiation: as a Catholic school we desire Good, Truth and Beauty, knowing that Jesus, who is the Life and the Truth frees us and sustains us in spite of our failures.

We wish to offer ourselves to our students as a path and mature company and humbly but confidently serve as useful example, not to be copied, but to be considered as a point of comparison, friendship and challenge.

We strive to have teachers who are masters, academically skilful and humanly mature. We are friends as adults and that friendship is obvious to our students, showing a possibility of living in comradeship.

As the dear children of God, we trust upon clear and simple things: upon the desire that children have to learn to read and write with others, the brilliance of teenagers, the moving maturity of those in high school that are discovering their talents… And thus, we learn to give and receive life, by making our school. The school of our lives…

Isabel Almeida and Brito,
Dean of Colégio de S. Tomás

Pela Associação para a Educação, Cultura e Formação

founded in


APECEF – Associação para a Educação, Cultura e Formação is a private charitable institution (IPSS), founded in 2001 to promote excellence in education, with a strong social conscience.