9300 breakfasts for the families in need

Approximately 9300 breakfasts is what the 9th grade students at Colégio de S. Tomás (Lisbon) managed to donate to “Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome” and its families, by giving up the money they raised for their Seniors Trip.

The students went to Rome last April, to commemorate completing the 3rd cycle. Due to the growing number of infected cases in Italy, they cancelled the trip.

However, the students had already raised around € 1,000.00 for classmates who could not bear the costs. Several fundraising initiatives were developed.

As the school spreads values ​​of solidarity and friendship, and as there were families that could not pay for the trip, we made stalls where we sold waffles and hotdogs, so that with the money from these sales we could pay part of the trip to these families. (Matilde Magano – 9th grade student)

Why “Banco Alimentar”?

With the entire endemic situation, we realized that the money was not going to be used and we confirmed that the trip had been cancelled. We thought about alternatives to use the money and during the decision-making process, we started to see news reports about families who needed help and that “Banco Alimentar” was helping them. This touched us and, from then on, it was not difficult to elect them, because we realized that, several families depended on their help.

According to the President of “Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome”, Isabel Jonet, who was at a meeting with all the students via zoom, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are over 60,000 families depending on the Food Bank’s help to feed themselves every day. We are talking about families that have ceased to have income during confinement and that, even after the resurrecting of economic activity (reopening of stores and services), will take time to regain financial autonomy, since the debts related to rents and accounts have accumulated.

The President thanked the students and congratulated the school for promoting values ​​such as these: I really wanted to thank you all and also the school, which is taking this value of sharing and solidarity and which, above all, will make you, when go into adulthood – whether as mothers, fathers, politicians, decision makers, managers – have this idea in you.

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