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Students who studied at Colégio de S. Tomás continue their journey all over the outside world, personifying the call to be a blessing for the world.

Where are they now?


Colégio de S. Tomás gave me: development of a working method, encouragement and motivation, adaptability and curiosity. It gave me friendships that have lasted to this day, and which will certainly last much longer.
Joana Teixeira
Doctoral Student at University of London, 2013 alumnus
Master's degree in Theoretical Physics at Imperial College
If in nine years at this place it is possible to highlight one lesson we have learned, this is without doubt an interest in reality. I say this for the simple fact that it was from this interest that all the many other aspects which made me as a man and a student came from.
Tomás Castelo
Law Student, 2018 alumnus
Universidade Clássica de Lisboa
S. Tomás gave me an excellent education and gave me the skills to respond to any challenge that I may have in my professional life and beyond.
Rodrigo Romão
Architecture Student, 2016 alumnus
University of Lisbon
CST is not afraid to do things differently - but still well. During my three years in High School I highlight the freedom and curricular demands that allowed me to pursue various intellectual interests, and that made the transition to University easy; the dedication of teachers and directors; and initiatives such as the science fair, the debating contest, and the Assemblies. No less important it was a home where I grew up, and where it is always good to return.
Inês Rosa
Doctoral Student at Faculdade de Letras, 2012 alumnus
Bachelor of Arts at Cambridge and a Master's in Literature at Oxford
S. Tomás is a home away from home and gave me a sense of persistence and desire to be the protagonist
Teresa Moncada Cordeiro
Medical Student, 2015 alumnus
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Luísa Dourado
Nursing Student, 2017 alumnus
Universidade Católica
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Colégio de S. Tomás gave me a broad-ranging and full education, which I make use of every day in a way I never thought possible."
Alexandre Lucena e Vale
Diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2010 Alumnus
Law at the Catholic University and a master’s from Europa College
Pedro Caiado Ferreira
Internal Medicine at Hospital dos Capuchos, 2012 alumnus
Medicine at Universidade Nova
Jose Melo Ribeiro_2021
The demands and the broad curriculum at CST allowed me to easily adapt to different realities that I encountered throughout my international experiences, both as a student and as a person.
José Melo Ribeiro
Lawyer at Vieira de Almeida & Associados, 2010 alumnus
Law at University of Lisbon
Students from year 12 went
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Around the World

At Colégio de S. Tomás I always felt encouraged to pursue the best education that the university world had to offer, whether in Portugal or in any part of the world.
Vera Gonçalves
Four Seasons Hotel in London, 2011 alumnus
Applied Foreign Languages at Universidade Católica
The years in which I studied at S. Tomás made me want more from myself, from my course, and from my future. This led to me concluding my course abroad. It also taught me to be patient, to wait, but also to take risks - essential factors that keep me happy and fulfilled outside my country, far from what I know.
Maria Clara
Everis in Madrid, 2010 alumnus
Chemical Engineering, Double Degree at Instituto Superior Técnico and the University of São Paulo
The requirements and extensive curriculum of CST meant I was easily able to adapt to the different realities that I encountered throughout my international experiences, as a student and as a person.
André Pedro
Ernest & Young in the United States, 2011 alumnus
Economics at Nova SBE and Finance and Católica
Teresa Morais Leitão
MBA at MIT, 2010 alumnus
Economy and Finance Masters at Nova SBE
Francisco Líbano Monteiro
S. Tomás exposed me to and put forward a specific way of life, which is a Catholic and Christian way, and I am grateful for it having done so. I recall especially three teachers/friends, among others, Leila, Ana and Simon who help me even now (and perhaps they don’t know how much help me) to be the person I am and in trying to be the person I want to become. I’d also like to leave a word of friendship to my friends Fr. João Seabra and Isabel Almeida and Brito, who are great fishers of men. At least they were for me!
Francisco Líbano Monteiro
Master's degree at the London School of Economics, 2016 alumnus
Economy at Nova SBE


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Information for the period between 2010 and 2019

At Colégio de S. Tomás

The former students of Colégio de S. Tomás continue to be part of the community and active life of the School. There are more than 400 scattered throughout the world, and we have carried out several activities with them:

Annual meeting of

group lunches

speakers at assemblies

study support for current students

regular attendance at a number of events at the college


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